stann_IMGAfter 30 years of gracing the Maroni's Pizza House pizza box, our "unofficial" mascot has finally earned a name and a place in the Maroni's Pizza history books.

Shortly after the launch of our Facebook page and amassing 4000 Likes, we decided to hold our first-ever contest - "naming our mascot", with the winner receiving a Maroni's Pizza T-Shirt and a Gift Certificate for 2 trays of pizza.

Our customer response was overwhelling, with nearly 800 entries recorded in less than 5 days! It was quite humbling to see how supportive and interested our customers are in everything Maroni's Pizza!

There were many creative entries to sift through, but we managed to narrow the field down to our favorite three and then went back to our Facebook Fans to vote on which one they liked best. We figured it was only right to let the customers decide what our mascot's name would be.

After receiving nearly 200 votes, our mascot finally got his name - "Stann the Pizza Man", originally submitted by Ryan Erin Hetman. "Stann" representing and honoring St. Ann St., home of Maroni's Pizza House since its inception. Our mascot had finally gone from "unofficial" to official, thanks to the help of our loyal customers!

*Stann has recently transitioned into the digital world and is looking better than ever, thanks to its creator, our very own Tony Cutrona!