tray_GroupArticle Posted 2/21/16 by: Chris Kelly

Carm Pellegrino is an old-fashioned craftsman. His calluses tell the story of 34 years spent slicing pepperoni by hand. Carm cuts it thick and spreads it thicker.

“I’m set in my ways, for better or worse,” the part-owner of Maroni’s Pizza House in West Scranton said as he laid a tray of greasy, gooey goodness on our table. I was there to meet the makers of “Tray: A Cut of Culture,” a documentary film that explores the impact of pizza on the life and times of Northeast Pennsylvania.

I suggested we meet at Maroni’s because it’s one of my favorites. Why? The pepperoni, of course. Also, Chrissy grew up loving it. If I rejected Maroni’s pizza, she probably wouldn’t have married me. She was not happy that I shared a tray with strangers on Thursday and didn’t bring home leftovers. I may as well have had an affair. Read More...



maronis_AwardArticle Posted 4/7/2014 by: NEPA Pizza Review

After 7 long, grueling weeks of competition, one pizzeria has emerged as NEPA Nation Champion! Congratulations to Maroni's Pizza of Scranton who called upon their strong following and broad customer base to take down the "little pizza shop that could" Joe's Pizza of Nanticoke. Maroni's narrowly escaped a few difficult early round matchups to advance and later found their groove by effectively using social media to generate excitement. However, if there were style points for how to run a fun and creative campaign, Joe's Pizza could write a book on the topic! We will never forget Joe's creative photo posts, the innovative Pizza Crush game, and motivational videos that called upon customers to churn out the vote. These fun antics united a town and really captured the essence of what this contest was all about. Both of these pizzerias are rich in history and were very deserving of the title, but there can only be one NEPA Nation Champion and Maroni's nearly 4,850 facebook followers were just too much for Joe's 1,750. The implications of social media on this contest were huge, and it really showed because the most active contestants were the most successful. Read More...



mlent_IMGArticle Posted March 2013 by: Joseph Kohut

Maroni's Pizza House co-owner Carmen Pellegrino does not count how many pizzas his
business bakes on Friday during Lent.

Nor does he count how many people come in and out of his St. Ann's Street shop. That would slow him down.

"It's just incredibly busy," Mr. Pellegrino said. "Keep moving; that's it."

Friday is usually a busy day anyway, but since many of the area's practicing Catholics do not eat meat on Fridays and turn to pizza as an easy, meat-free alternative, they are even
more intense.



maronis_FrontArticle Posted August 2012 by: NEPA Pizza Review

It has been about a week and a half since the NEPA Nation voted Maroni's Pizza in Scranton as the pizza they would like to be reviewed next, so I thought it would be wise to give the people what they want and get my butt to Saint Anne's Street in West Side! Driving to the place, I had a slight problem finding it because it's in the middle of a very residential area, and I was looking on the wrong side of the road, but 2 passes by Maroni's and I easily found it! OK, now that the logistical issues are out of the way, on to the review!

I called about 30 minutes prior to my arrival and was told 20 minutes on the phone, and this is pertinent because I was told by several people that if they tell you 30 minutes, they really mean 60. I was hoping that wasn't the case here because I was in a bit of a rush, but took my time entering for a chance to appreciate the scenery. Immediately upon entering, I ran into a mountain of pizza boxes which were ready to be filled with trays of Maroni's famous pizza and sent home to anxious customers. There must have been 1,000 boxes piled up, and judging by the stacks of pizzas that customers were carrying out, I don't doubt that they would have filled every one of those boxes on this Friday night. Beyond the mountain of boxes was a small army of diligently working pizza makers who were methodically making pizzas, baking them, cutting them, and shipping them off. It was a cool site to see, and would be an environment I would like to work in. Read More...



maronis_BoxesArticle Posted 2012 by: Randy Shemanski

I can sit here and tell you that Maroni's Pizza House in West Scranton has good pizza and it won't be Earth-shattering news. In fact, the first thing that would probably go through your mind would be, "Thanks, dumbass, now tell us something we don't know."

After all, it was you who voted Maroni's as the best pizza in the 2003 and 2007 e.c. Readers' Polls. You know what good pizza is. You certainly don't need us to tell you.

But, until recently, I pretty much needed you to tell me. Having eaten Maroni's pizza only a couple times at a friend's house, I finally set foot inside the well-known establishment last week to grab a square tray to take home for dinner. I didn't have two feet inside the door when the smell of freshly baked pizza hit my nostrils like a blitzing linebacker. Read More...



trio_POArticle Posted 9/15/11 by: Patrice Wilding

Good pizza isn't hard to find in Northeast Pennsylvania. One West Scranton restaurant is a great example of that, having made a name for itself as a community favorite for more than 30 years.

Maroni's Pizza on St. Ann Street has enjoyed a steady clientele thanks to its famous goopy-cheese square pizza. Brothers Carmen and Dominic
Pellegrino, who emigrated to the area from Calabria, Italy, in the late 1960s, bought the business in 1982. They brought their brother-in-law, Tony Coccimiglio, into the fold as a co-owner, convincing him to return to the area from Massachusetts.

The three decided to keep the name and the recipe the same, since the customers were already familiar with the winning formula. Read More...