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The "Tray: A Cut of Culture" trailer is finally here!

Tray Trailer from quiet, we're dreaming on Vimeo.


tray_GroupArticle Posted 2/21/16 by: Chris Kelly

Carm Pellegrino is an old-fashioned craftsman. His calluses tell the story of 34 years spent slicing pepperoni by hand. Carm cuts it thick and spreads it thicker.

“I’m set in my ways, for better or worse,” the part-owner of Maroni’s Pizza House in West Scranton said as he laid a tray of greasy, gooey goodness on our table. I was there to meet the makers of “Tray: A Cut of Culture,” a documentary film that explores the impact of pizza on the life and times of Northeast Pennsylvania.

I suggested we meet at Maroni’s because it’s one of my favorites. Why? The pepperoni, of course. Also, Chrissy grew up loving it. If I rejected Maroni’s pizza, she probably wouldn’t have married me. She was not happy that I shared a tray with strangers on Thursday and didn’t bring home leftovers. I may as well have had an affair. Read More...


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trio_POMaroni's Pizza has been a family operated business for over 30 years. Located on St. Ann Street in West Scranton, it was acquired in 1982 by the Pellegrino & Coccimiglio families and has been proudly serving Scranton and the surrounding communities ever since. Our success is a true testament to the heart and soul we put into our products and to the loyalty and support of all our customers.